About Us

About JLRR Enterprises

JLRR Enterprises is a boutique communications company specializing in teaching written and spoken Business English to private individuals and corporate customers.
Our clients know that technical expertise on its own is not enough and that true success requires us to communicate clearly and concisely. They want their ideas and messages to be easily understood – by their colleagues, their teams, their managers and their customers – and to have the confidence that their powerful contributions aren’t undermined by their English language skills.
We meet our clients where they are and work on the skills that are most important to them. We offer everything from group programs for new recruits looking for foundation skills to intensive 1-1 coaching for executives polishing their conference presentations – and everything in between!

About Joan Regen Ramirez

Joan is JLRR Enterprises lead instructor and brings with her over 30 years of written and verbal corporate communication training – and a passion for ensuring our written and spoken English Language skills don’t trip us up!
Backed by Masters degrees in Financial, Technical, Medical and Business Writing, and in English as a Second Language, Joan has taught hundreds of Technical professionals such as Engineers, Architects and Technical Support staff to become more confident, effective and professional communicators when English wasn’t their first language. Joan combines her technical teaching expertise with the real world experience of life inside Corporate America.
In demand for both group training and 1-1 coaching, Joan is quickly able to equip her clients to craft effective business correspondence, make meaningful contributions in meetings, at events, and present themselves with poise and professionalism in front of customers, contacts and colleagues.
Joan has worked with students in Hong Kong, Seoul, Vietnam, Tokyo and Argentina as well as in the United States, and is a published author.



Our Values

  • Perseverance is the key to success

  • The right amount of Energy, a lot of Effort, and a Positive Attitude will bring results

  • Motivation is the key to achieving a goal.


All individuals are capable of improving themselves. I am overjoyed when I help a client stay on their path and overcome written and spoken communications challenges. Open my door: You will find a trainer eager to help you move up in your present position or take the next step of starting your own enterprise.

With sincere intentions,