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All The Write Rules

The London Libraries Consortium in Great britain has added the Write Rules to its collection. The book is also selling in Seoul, Korea.


All The Write Marketing

The Podcast, All the Write Marketing interviewed Joan. For the complete interview paste this link to the podcast into your browser:


Autism Awareness Month

Jamie is Autistic and I, as the author, want to salute all Autistic students for Autism Awareness Month. It’s a pleasure to teach you. Visit my book website at if you wish to purchase a copy.



The Write Rules

I am delighted to report that many individuals looking to start their own enterprise are purchasing The Write Rules, my entrepreneurial training handbook online.  Go to my Home page and subscribe to my free newsletter and get a free business article penned by me. For those who haven’t yet, check the book out on my book website at   While you are there feel free to browse.