Our students find these resources  have helped to power their communications.

  1. Vocabulary: One of the most powerful ways of improving your Business English is to widen your vocabulary. These sites are useful:, or

  2. English Language Newspapers such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal should be read. Use the Wall Street Journal for financial terms and the business section of the Times.  There are books in the Business Section of the Times you might want to use as references.

  3. If you are looking for advice and support on developing your career, JLRR Enterprises recommends Amy Geffen (

 The Write Rules: Guide to Business English

A short, simple and clear guide to foundational Business skills- both written and verbal. Written with Engineers and other technical professionals in mind, The Write Rules provides information, guidance, tips and tricks to deliver top notch communications. An invaluable guide for all English as a Second Language professionals.

This book gives clear writing guidelines- keep it concise and simple” Kelly, Professional Engineer

If you are looking for a concise reference to help you with your verbal and written communications skills, The Write Rules is for you.” Steven, Language Teacher

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